PhD Fellowship in Systems Biology Approach to Studying Zygomycoses at JSMC, Germany

The aim of the project is to analyze, by mathematical modeling and computer simulation, different strategies of the human immune system against zygomycoses and the strategies of the Zygomycetes. For example, methods from evolutionary game theory can be used. The models will be built on, and validated by, experimental data from groups at the HKI. The model results will serve for the planning of new experiments. The ultimate goal is to derive suggestions for therapeutical interventions.

– a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Natural or Life Sciences (e.g. bioinformatics, biochemistry, mathematics). Candidates about to earn their degree are welcome to apply. -desirable methodological skills: mathematical modelling of biological processes

Scholarship Deadline: -March 16, 2012 for applicants who will require a visa to enter Germany. -April 16, 2012 for applicants who will not require a visa to enter Germany.

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