PhD Fellowship in Paleoclimate-Quaternary Research Group at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

With the ongoing temperature changes an increasing amount of terrestrial bound ice is melting resulting in eustatic sea-level rise (SLR). The recent rate of SLR is 3.1 mm yr-1, with ocean warming and thermal expansion accounting for approximately half that amount. The remaining is attributed to glacier and ice sheet wastage. The majority of the earth´s ice is bound in the two ice sheets (Greenland and Antarctic). However, despite representing only a small amount of earth´s glaciated surface, local glaciers and ice caps (LGIC) are estimated to account for 60% of the eustatic SLR and LGIC are expected to be among the greatest contributors to SLR in this century. With an estimated 0,60 ± 0,07 m sea-level equivalent placed in LGIC around the world, the consequences of rapid wastage are large. A major part of the Northern Hemisphere´s LGIC is located in Greenland. However, little is known about the total area, mass and response to climatic changes. With the uptake of new digital photogrammetric methods providing high resolution digital elevation models (DEM) the possibility to measure precise mass changes back in time now exists. To further this research, a PhD fellowship is now available in the research group of associate professor Kurt H. Kjær to improve SLR estimates by reconstructing the spatial and temporal changes of LGIC in Greenland during the last century, by: (i) Resolving the extent of LGIC in Greenland – from the Little Ice Age (LIA) through to the present. (ii) Quantifying the mass changes of Greenland´s LGIC.

For consideration, the applicants must have the following key skills: a) MSc with a strong background in physical geography. b) Demonstrated experience with the handling of photogrammetric systems, preferably such as the BAE systems Socet Set application. c) Demonstrated experience in working with ice marginal environments in Greenland. d) Demonstrated ability to independently run research projects, in particular in the field away from day-to-day supervision. e) Demonstrated internationalisation of previous research such as through peer-review publication. Skills of additional, although not requisite, interest include: a) Teaching and/or supervision experience b) Experience in independent fundraising. c) Outreach experience.

Scholarship Deadline: December 1st, 2011

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