Pengrowth-Nova Scotia Energy Scholarship at Nova Scotia University, Canada 2012

Offshore gas, exciting prospects for onshore gas, a growing renewable energy industry, excellent professional and technical education and training programs … they all come together here in Nova Scotia to mean great prospects for rewarding, well-paid careers. The Pengrowth-Nova Scotia Energy Scholarship Program can help you achieve success when you choose to develop the knowledge and skills needed to work or conduct research in this exciting field. Pengrowth-Nova Scotia Energy Scholars are well-rounded individuals with a variety of interests who have an established track record of community involvement through activities like volunteer work, sports and other community-based activities

Preference will be given to students planning to attend a Nova Scotia university. Students who have not yet applied for university admission are urged to do so in time to meet the scholarship application deadline, keeping in mind that universities often take 3-4 weeks to process applications

Scholarship Deadline: April 27, 2012

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