NRF Call: Competitive Support for Unrated Research, 2012-2014 South Africa

CSUR funding is available in 3-year cycles and projects will be approved for funding for one cycle, on a competitive basis, following a peer-review process. Applications must be submitted to the NRF electronically at the beginning of a 3-year cycle. If a grantholder acquires a valid NRF rating whilst in the Programme, funding will be provided until the end of the funding cycle and no further applications will be considered unless the grantholder loses his/her valid rating.

1. Researchers who are employed and remunerated on a full-time, part-time or contract basis at South African (SA) higher education institutions (HEIs) (including private HEIs in SA), museums or at NRF recognised research institutions. (For retired academics/researchers bullet 6 applies.) 2. Full-time temporary staff members at SA HEIs and SA museums who enjoy the conditions of service that normally also apply to their permanent full-time colleagues. 3. Persons who are in the process of being appointed in full-time posts at SA HEIs and SA museums (i.e. applications from such persons can be submitted by the HEI).

Scholarship Deadline: 15 February 2012

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