North/South Postgraduate Scholarships in Energy, Engineering, Arts at Universities Ireland, 2012-2013 Ireland

The aim of this scheme is to encourage outstanding students from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to cross the border to undertake postgraduate study and experience life in the other Iris jurisdiction. Because it is 50% sponsored by ESB, there is a particular emphasis on the areas of energy and engineering, and the scheme aims to help build all-island innovation in STEM subjects (subject, technology, engineering and mathematics) which will be crucial in moveing the island towards the kind of sustainable knowledge society that is vital both for its future prosperity and environmental sustainability. It is thus a scheme which has been conceived both to support the continuing peace process in Northern Ireland and to train highly skilled postgraduate to contribute to a new phase of economic and environmental development for the island as a whole.

These scholarships are open to all students at an Irish or Northern Irish-born Irish university including the Open University or DIT (or who have graduated within the past five years) regardless of their nationality or birthplace. These scholarships are also open to Irish to Northern Irish-born students currently registered at (or who have graduated within the past five years from) a British university (i.e a university in England, Scotland or Wales) who wish relocate to Irish jurisdiction they were not born in to undertake a Master’s or the first year of a PhD programme (or to follow a postgraduate programme with a significant period of study in the Irish jurisdiction they were born in).

Scholarship Deadline: 25th May 2012

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