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Ngwang Choephel Fellowship Grant Program, 2012

Focusing on the theme of Economic Empowerment, the FY 2012 Ngwang Choephel Program offers Tibetans living in the Tibetan Autonomous Region or Tibetan areas of China opportunities to increase their professional business and managerial skills, generate new business ventures, and provide increased employment opportunities within their communities. The Economic Empowerment theme will focus on 42 owners of small and/or family businesses, business professionals, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, and educators interested in practical application of business and management theory, learning best practices in creating, managing, and growing small businesses, and utilizing economic tools to enhance their immediate communities.

-Grants awarded to eligible organizations with less than four years of experience in conducting international exchange programs will be limited to $130,000. b.) Technical Eligibility: All proposals must comply with the following or they will result in your proposal being declared technically ineligible and given no further consideration in the review process: - Eligible applicants may not submit more than one proposal in this competition. - If more than one proposal is received from the same applicant, all submissions will be declared technically ineligible and will receive no further consideration in the review process.