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MINES ParisTech offers PhD Position at Centre for Energy and Processes, Paris

Context and challenges The current environmental and economic context leads us to look for new clean energy systems of high yield. The Proton Exchange membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) is an efficient clean energy converter which can be used in numerous domains: transport, portable or stationary applications. One of the main problems, for its large-scale deployment, is its ageing which remains strongly dependent on the corrosion of the carbon support of the cathodic electrocatalyst. In this thesis, we shall elaborate and evaluate of innovative catalysts supports with higher corrosion resistance. This work will be made within the framework of a French ANR project with industrial and academic partners and will benefit from skills, techniques and experimental devices of the consortium. Scientific objectives The objectives of the thesis are: – To elaborate new carbon catalysts supports and the resultant electrocatalysts (and the related processes) for cathodes of PEMFC. The materials must answer to the technical specifications of the PEMFC application in terms of durability and performances. – To estimate the performances of these materials in singlecell, particularly in terms of durability. Methodology The catalyst support will be the carbon aerogel obtained from ultraporous pyrolysed cellulose.

Applicants must have relevant degree in relative field.