Minerva Fellowships for Israeli and German Scientists and Researchers, 2012

Minerva Fellowships are initially granted for a minimum of six months, but they can be extended for up to a maximum of twenty-four months. Graduates can apply for an extension for a third year. Extensions for a third year will only be granted if the continuation of the fellowship is vital for the success of the project.

Graduate fellowship: eligible candidates must have completed a university degree (“Diplom”, M.A., M.Sc., or equivalent qualification). B.A. and B.Sc. students are only eligible to apply if accepted to a direct Ph.D. track. Post-doctoral fellowship: we accept applications from candidates who provide proof that they have submitted their doctoral thesis prior to the start of the fellowship year, or who have completed their doctorate no more than seven years prior to the beginning of the fellowship. Maternal leave will be taken into account. Applicants who are presently residing in Israel/Germany but are not nationals of either of the two countries must show a proven record of integration into the Israeli or German scientific community.

Scholarship Deadline: 15 June 2012

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