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Minerals Council of Australia Fellowship in Minning, 2012 Australia

The Minerals Council of Australia Fellowship aims to encourage use of the Library’s collections to explore the historic or contemporary roles of the Australian minerals industry in Australian society. Areas of possible research include, but are not limited to: investigations into any aspect of Australian mining; understandings of past or current landscape and environmental practices; the sector’s research and development in environmental rehabilitation; the interaction between environmental practices and relationships with communities; relationships with other industry sectors engaged in environmental management; and the ways in which minerals industry environmental research is disseminated to national and international stakeholders.

Fellowships are open to established Australian and international researchers in relevant disciplines. Post-doctoral and early career researchers are welcome to apply. Fellowships are not provided to assist with the completion of degree studies and applications from currently enrolled students will not be considered. Fellowships are awarded once only to each individual; subsequent applications from previous recipients will not be considered.