Master’s and PhD Studentship in Bioinformatics at University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Applications are invited for a master student or PhD student position on the analysis of high- throughput sequencing data. Our groups (AG Vogel, AG Sharma) are interested in using Solexa and SOLiD technology for gene expression profiling (RNA-seq) and the identification of small RNAs and microRNA, and post-transcriptional regulons in pathogenic bacteria and eukaryotic hosts (see our recent publications in Nature. successful applicant will work in the dynamic environment of the Institute for Molecular Infection Biology.Applications from suitably qualified people from all sections of the community regardless of race, gender or disability are welcome.

Applicants should have a bachelor/master/diploma degree, and a strong background in bioinformatics/computational biology and gene expression analysis. -Additional knowledge in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, or/and infection biology would be beneficial.

Scholarship Deadline: July 15th 2011

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