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Marie Curie Fellowship Associated With the ITN CORINF, Spain

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and Università degli Studi di Trieste (UniTS) are offering a 24-months postdoctoral position linked to the FP7 project CORINF (PITN-2010-264951), starting on September-December 2012. The project will be focused on the theoretical study of the coupled electron-nuclear dynamics in polyatomic molecules by using single ultrashort XUV/X-ray pulses and different combinations of pump-probe pulses. It will be developed jointly among UAM and UniTS, in collaboration with other ITN nodes (Humboldt Univ.). The recruited researcher shall spend 12 months in Madrid and 12-months in Trieste. Remuneration: Gross annual salary: 57-62 k€ (subject to deduction of the contribution to the social security of the employer and the employee, and the national income taxes) plus contributions to the mobility and travel expenses, and a career exploratory allowance.

(i) hold a PhD in Theoretical/Computational Physics or Chemistry (ii) have less than 5 years research experience (including PhD) (iii) not have resided or carried out their main activity in either SPAIN or ITALY for more than 12 months during the past 3 years. Selection Criteria: The selection will be made on the basis of demonstrated knowledge in: 1. Computational physics/chemistry methodologies and techniques 2. Theoretical atomic and molecular physics / Quantum Chemistry 3. Programming skills and code development 4. Previous experience in either photoionization, collision physics, ultrashort laser pulses.