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LegalWise External Bursary 2012, South Africa

Bursaries cover annual Registration and tuition fees (as determined by budget constraints), and the payment of fees is based on academic performance during the year, plus submission of relevant results and invoices to the Bursary Administrator. > The Bursary will be renewed on an annual basis on condition that the Bursaryholder demonstrates adequate academic performance, completes and performs adequately during their vacation work at a LegalWise branch and complies with the terms and conditions of their LegalWise Bursary Contract.

The main criteria used for the selection of a LegalWise Bursaryholder is; financial need, merit and academic potential. In addition, we also consider future LegalWise career potential The following criteria will also be considered: ; Applicant should have achieved at least a C aggregate (60 %) academically at school. ; Tertiary applicants should have achieved a C aggregate academically. ; Applicant should be able to speak, read and write English, and at least one other official language. ; In addition to academic achievement we look for candidates who display determination, a positive attitude and the commitment to succeed. Applicants should also demonstrate initiative and have team work orientation. ; Applicants should display good interpersonal & communication skills. ; Candidates will be required to go to their closest LegalWise branch for an Interview before the end of December 2011. Short-listed candidates will be required to undergo Psychometric tests. ; Bursaries are only allocated for the year following the one in which the application was received, this is not a criteria, but a requirement. The Applicant, Parent (s) or Guardian need to be a fully paid-up Member of LegalWise for 2 years or more. Bursary applications are invited from people who aim to study full time, or are already studying full time towards a university degree for a BCom (Business Administration), BCom (Law) or a LLB Degree from one of the following approved institutions: