Knight Science Journalism Fellowship for US and International Applicants in USA, 2014/15

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering Journalism fellowship for mid-career journalists. 12 applicants will be awarded fellowship for up to nine months. Fellowship includes stipend, Health Insurance. International and US applicants are eligible for this fellowship. Proficiency in English is required. Application deadline is Feb. 28, 2014.. The basic premise of the fellowship is to lay aside the journalist’s normally narrow focus on getting “the story,” and instead to explore science more deeply and more broadly—to follow intellectual digressions, to learn the history of a field, to understand how scientists and engineers pursue their work. With background knowledge, our Fellows return to the workplace more confident about asking the right questions, and in turn are better prepared to communicate science to their readers. Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 as well as some additional benefits. The program is divided between programs arranged by the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships and individually-chosen activities. In addition to these aspects, our Fellows often report that the sense of collegiality and life in Cambridge are some of the most rewarding parts of the year.. This fellowship is for pursuing research program at MIT and Harvard University in USA.
The research areas of this scholarship are: Not provided
Who can apply to this scholarship? Applicants must be full
· time journalists, whether they are on staff or freelance. Part
· time writers or producers are not eligible. Applicants must have at least three full years of experience covering science, technology, environment or medicine; or at least five years of other journalism experience and a desire to cover those areas in the future. Journalism experience must be in the years immediately prior to applying. Applicants may be reporters, writers, editors, producers, illustrators or photo
· journalists. They may work for newspapers, magazines, television, radio or the Web. There are no educational prerequisites, nor is there an age
· limit. Professionals working in public information, public relations, the trade press, government or academia are not eligible. Proficiency in English is necessary for Fellows to make the most of their time at MIT. If you have taken the IELTS or TOEFL exam, we’d like to know your score. If you have not, but English is not your native language, we’d encourage you to take the IELTS exam. To be awarded our 9
· month academic year Fellowship, selected applicants must agree to the following requirements: •To reside full
· time in the Boston/Cambridge area for the academic year: August 15 through May 15. •To attend all boot camps, field trips, seminars, and new media training sessions arranged by the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships. •To participate in at least one science course per semester. •To refrain from professional work during the fellowship, unless written permission has been granted by the Director. •For international candidates: To obtain a J
· 1 visa from the U.S. State Department after being awarded the Fellowship.
Benefits of the scholarship: Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 divided into ten installments over the academic year. Our $65,000 stipend is awarded to all fellows, regardless of nationality. Additional Benefits Health Insurance: Fellows who elect to participate in the MIT Affiliate Health Insurance program may have their own coverage paid by the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships. Fellows who wish for their spouses and children to join the same plan must arrange to pay the cost for their families. Access to everything at MIT and Harvard: With few exceptions, all MIT and Harvard University courses are available for audit by Knight Fellows.
More information about the fellowship:
Duration: Duration of fellowship will be 9-months.
Number of scholarships: 12 Fellowships will be awarded.

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