Killam Award for Excellence in Mentoring at University of Alberta, 2012 Canada

This award is given annually to one member of the academic staff in recognition of outstanding performance in the area of mentoring summer research students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting research scholars. Mentoring may be related to, but is perceived as differing from, classroom teaching and administrative service and may be distinct and separable from the usual measures of research productivity. The recipient receives a prize of $5,000 and a commemorative certificate at the Annual Killam Dinner.

-All continuing academic staff of the University of Alberta are eligible to be nominated. -Only mentoring done at the University of Alberta will be considered. -The nominee may be at any stage in their academic career but, by its nature, the award will tend to recognize those with more experience. -The criteria for assessment of the nominees are: -Extent of mentoring of summer research students, undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting research scholars, etc. -The collegiality of the mentoring experience and the desirable characteristics of the mentoring environment as judged by co-authored publications and presentations, other collaborative ventures (research cells, reading groups, etc.) mentees’ achievements (awards and prizes, grants and funding, mentees’ publication record, career paths) and testimony from those mentored. -Each Department is entitled to submit one nomination, supported by documentation as outlined below. Each Department may use whatever procedures it deems most appropriate in the selection of its nominee.

Scholarship Deadline: March 23, 2012

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