Junior Researcher Position in Molecular Nutrition, COSBI, Northern Italy

In the context of a dynamically growing research-focused institution, the Junior Researcher in Molecular Nutrition will support COSBI in the implementation of research initiatives in the area of molecular nutrition. This position is open to theoretical and computational biologists with strong aptitude for data analysis, algorithmic and computational modeling and programming. The candidate will analyze high-throughput (i.e., omics) data, study and manage publicly available datasets and develop applications for in-silico simulations. Although a basic understanding of molecular biology is essential, this position is not intended for wet-lab oriented researchers. The candidate will report to the Principal investigators in Molecular Nutrition.

Required skills and experience: • PhD in bioinformatics, nutritional sciences, molecular biology or related fields; • previous experience with programming, high-throughput data analysis or multivariate statistics; • excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal.

Desirable: • previous experience in modeling and simulation; • previous experience with R scripting.

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