J. David McMurray Award Fund at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 2011

Established by J David McMurray to provide support to Laurier students who have significantly contributed to residence life. This is the application for competitive scholarships and awards for undergraduate students. This completed application is required for all award opportunities which state that an application is required, with the exception of opportunities which specifically indicate that a “distinct” application is required.

-Full time undergraduate, second year students who have lived in a Laurier residence for one academic year. -The successful recipient must have significantly contributed to residence life through his/her extracurricular involvement in residence activities, such as Residence House Council, Inter Residence Council, Residence Athletic Council, etc., and have a minimum GPA of 7.0. -The recipient must be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident (landed immigrant) or Protected Person and a long term resident of Ontario with proven financial need.

Scholarship Deadline: 17 October 2011

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