International Students House Hardship Fund for Developing Countries Students, 2012 UK

International Students House (ISH) is an extraordinary place for international students who are studying in London. ISH offers a culturally diverse environment where students from all over the world come to live together, share each others cultural experiences and enjoy the full programme of social and recreational activities that the House has to offer. ISH’s goal is to promote global friendship, trust and education for all, this is why we have a scholarship programme, to allow students with potential the opportunity to study in London where ordinarily they would not have the resources to do so.

All Nationalities (except UK & EU) •All applicants to the Mary Trevelyan Fund must meet the following criteria; – Students must be studying at a publicly funded institution in London; – Students must be studying at a college in membership of ISH (of which King’s is a member); – Students must be in their final year of study; – Students must be from a developing country (Please click here to see the list of developing countries); – Students must be studying on a course with a relevant developmental application in their home country. – Students must be intending to return to their home country on completion of their course; – Students must be in financial need due to unexpected circumstances; – Applicants should not require total funding in excess of £2,000.

Scholarship Deadline: 30th May 2012

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