Infrastructure Grants for Breast Cancer Research, Australia 2012

The National Breast Cancer Foundation announces a new funding opportunity for breast cancer research in Australia for 2012, Infrastructure Grant. It is the intention of the NBCF Infrastructure Grant to ensure that Australian breast cancer researchers have access to the technology, materials and core capacities required for them to perform at the highest international level. The key objectives of the NBCF infrastructure Grants are therefore to maintain and increase the number and depth of research activities of national importance and to make them more accessible

-Must reside in Australia throughout the funding period; – Must have the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to manage the proposed infrastructure as demonstrated, for example by previous management of grant funds through an Administering Institution or sound business development. -Less experienced researchers must have the support of experienced researchers in the area; -Must be an Australian citizen or have resident status; and -Must be actively engaged in research in Australia. -Individuals are limited to holding a maximum of two NBCF Grants and one National Collaborative Breast Cancer Research Program grant as a Primary CI at any one time.

Scholarship Deadline: 23rd March 2012

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