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One of my goals was to make an exchange during my university life, unfortunately the economic possibilities did not allow me, that is why I decided to apply for a scholarship that could give me this opportunity. I was chosen as a fellow and it was the best experience I had, I met very good friends, I learned a new culture and spread mine, I expanded my knowledge ... it was definitely the best decision when I applied for the scholarship, and the only thing I can say is that no one should stop persevering and make the most of all the opportunities that come our way...

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EASST Visiting Scholar Fellowship for East African Applicants in USA, 2014/15

Action (CEGA), a research network based in the United States. A list of CEGA faculty affiliates is available online .Additionally, CEGA staff and PhD students will provide support during the semester and once the scholar returns home. The fellowship program will pay for room and board in Berkeley, health insurance, monthly stipend, visa fees, and roundtrip air travel. CEGA staff will provide mentorship not only throughout the semester, but also once the scholar returns home..  This is a four-month fellowship programme. During a four-month fellowship, researchers will be based at the University of California Berkeley. The research areas of this scholarship are: Not providedWho can apply to this scholarship? Be a resident of an East African country participating in EASST (i.e. Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania or Uganda); · Have participated in field· based data collection and rigorous empirical techniques/analysis; · Have participated in or have familiarity with impact evaluation…

My experience of academic exchange was very enriching both in the professional and personal aspect because it allowed me to expand my academic perspectives giving me the opportunity to study with highly qualified teachers and meet friends from other countries. I thank you very much for the scholarship for allowing me to enjoy this spectacular experience in the warm and friendly Spain.

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2013/14 The GSIS College Scholarship Program in Philippines

the course is finished within the regular duration prescribed by the school for that course); -A monthly stipend of P2,000.00. -All payments of benefits shall be coursed through the school where the scholar is enrolled. Any amount in excess of the maximum benefits provided above shall be borne by the scholar. -The scholar has the option to receive his/her stipend either through the school or directly from the GSIS Central Office. The scholar must submit to the GSIS Central Office within sixty (60) days, after each Term, the certified true copy of all his/her grades for the just concluded term together with the school billing statement and official receipts of the current term to Human Resources Administration Department (HRAD) for evaluation and processing. -Failure to comply with the given 60-day requirement will automatically forfeit his/her claim for that billing period, unless a written notice stating the reason for the delay…

Obtaining the mobility grant from my university has been one of the best things that have happened to me so far in my life. The experience has been very enriching in all aspects, in academics it allowed me to know the teaching methodologies that are not done in my current university, and personally to value much more what I have and to put into practice the values and teachings learned at home, to fend for myself in an unknown but very beautiful country that hosted me with kindness and respect and from which I learned many new things

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State Scholarships Foundation for International Students in Greece, 2014-2015

Applications are invited for State Scholarships Foundation available for foreign citizens to undertake PhD and postdoctoral research studies commencing in the academic year 2014-2015. There are up to twenty (20) scholarships available. Scholarships are open to all nationals (non-Greek Nationals and non-Greek Nationals of Greek origin) of Balkan and Eastern European countries (Member and non-Member States of the European Union), Asia, Africa and Latin America, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan and Oceania. The duration of the total scholarship is for a continuous period of time. Application should be submitted till June 16, 2014.. The State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.) announces that it will offer up to twenty (20) scholarships to all nationals (non-Greek Nationals and non-Greek Nationals of Greek origin) of Balkan and Eastern European countries (non-Member States of the European Union), Asia, Africa and Latin America and up to ten (10) scholarships to all nationals (non-Greek Nationals and non-Greek Nationals of Greek origin) of the…

My experience during my student exchange was incomparable. I learned and taught so much and not only in school, people and the change of context gives you a new perspective. The connection you generate is one of the best investments in life. Thanks the scholarship could have this opportunity, support and interest from the organization is comforting.

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2012-2013 San Francisco State University Scholarship for Undergraduate or Graduate Students, USA

The San Francisco State University Scholarship is available to continuing SF State students on a competitive basis in recognition of academic excellence, community involvement, and financial need. 1. Continuing SF State undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at SF State at least half-time for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. 2. Have financial need as determined by the SF State Office of Student Financial Aid. Apply or reapply using the online 2012-2013 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (apply by the March 2, 2012 priority deadline). Submit all requested financial aid supporting documentation to the Office of Student Financial Aid and have a complete financial aid file by May 1, 2012. 3. Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent resident. 4. Minimum undergraduate SF State GPA of 3.0; graduate SF State GPA of 3.5 (not cumulative GPA). 5. Enroll full-time (12 units as an undergraduate and 8 units as a…

The degree of architecture is usually quite expensive in the USA. and my budget was tight. The company was able to provide me with different options that I found very attractive. The university I chose initially offered me a scholarship amount and they also decided to pay for the trip. A lot more than I could imagine!

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Core Fulbright Scholar Program for US Citizens, 2014/2015

For 2014/2015 academic year, applications are invited for Fulbright Scholar Program. The program is open to US faculty and experienced professionals for pursuing teaching and research in abroad. Approximately 800 teaching and/or research grants are available for a period of two to 12 months, as specified in the award description. The grants are offered in a wide variety of academic and professional fields. The award categories are teaching award, teaching/research awards and research award. Applicants can apply online till August 1, 2013.. The core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program provides approximately 800 teaching and/or research grants to U.S. faculty and experienced professionals in a wide variety of academic and professional fields.  Grants are available in over 125 countries worldwide.Number of award(s): The core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program provides approximately 800 teaching and/or research grants.Duration of award(s): Grant lengths vary in duration: applicants can propose projects for a period of two to 12 months, as specified in the…

When they gave me the scholarship, my motivations grew because I managed to verify that the effort, perseverance and perseverance had their fruits in the future. The organization recognized the merit achieved during the secondary and renewed that motivation through a scholarship, so that I could strive every day and work on each challenge to surpass myself. This scholarship gave me the responsibility that to maintain it I must strive, study and be consistent, which I consider a teaching that goes beyond the academic and that encourages me to overcome my own limits and achieve my goals.

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Embassy of the United States Vietnamese Scholar Program in USA, 2014

Embassy of the United States offers Vietnamese Scholar Program for placement as lecturers and researchers in U.S. universities . All participants in the Vietnamese Scholar Program must hold an M.A. or a Ph.D. degree. Participants must be Vietnamese citizens and must have adequate English skills to conduct their research and/or lectures in the United States. From seven to ten scholars from Vietnam travel to the United States on an annual basis.The annual deadline for applications to the Vietnamese Scholar Program is October 15.. The U.S. Embassy recruits and nominates Vietnamese scholars for placement by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) as lecturers and researchers in U.S. universities for terms of three to nine months. From seven to ten scholars from Vietnam travel to the United States on an annual basis. Grantees are offered opportunities to do research or lecturing in the U.S. The grant covers monthly stipend, allowance, round-trip travel and…

Studying abroad has helped me to visualize the world with a much greater and different perspective. Likewise, it has helped me to expand my knowledge about different cultures and languages. There is no doubt that studying in Sweden is creating innumerable opportunities for my future

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USDA/1890 National Scholars Program in USA, 2015

conversion to full time employment upon graduation. However, all USDA/1890 National Scholars are required to compete for appropriate employment immediately after graduation and, if selected, commit to at least one year of service to USDA for each year of financial assistance provided. (Note: Specific details of this service requirement will be outlined in the service agreement entered into by the selected Scholar, the University at which the Scholar is matriculated, and the USDA Sponsoring Agency.). Scholarship is available for pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the following universities: Alabama A&M University, Alcorn State University, Mississippi, Central State University, Ohio, Delaware State University, Florida A&M University, Fort Valley State University, Georgia, Kentucky State University, Langston University, Oklahoma, Lincoln University, Missouri, North Carolina A&T State University, Prairie View A&M University, Texas, South Carolina State University, Southern University, Louisiana, Tennessee State University, Tuskegee University, Alabama, University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, University of Maryland Eastern…

My passion is to swim. The organization got several opportunities for sports scholarships that made studying in the USA. possible with my finances being limited. I am very grateful for all the help you gave me

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International Student Scholarships at Penn State University in USA, 2014

Penn State University offers International Student Scholarships to international first-year students who are enrolled full-time at Penn State University’s Greater Allegheny campus.. This award is offered on a competitive basis to international first-year students who complete applications by January 30, 2014. Transfer students are not eligible for this award.  This scholarship will help defray the costs of the full-time, out-of-state tuition for international students. Fifteen students will be selected to receive $2,000 their first year.  The application deadline is January 30, 2014.. University is committed to enrolling a diverse and dynamic class for fall 2014. We are offering a scholarship to international first-year students who are enrolled full-time at Penn State University’s Greater Allegheny campus. This scholarship will help defray the costs of the full-time, out-of-state tuition for international students..  Scholarships are available for pursuing graduate degree level at Penn State University, USA. The research areas of this scholarship are:  Scholarships are provided to learn any of the courses…

Study in the USA and participating in the program of the computer science degree has helped me to grow in my area of study because it has allowed me to enjoy a lot of work practice, as well as to experience innumerable situations that have transformed me as a person

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Mo Ibrahim Foundation MSc Scholarship in Governance and State-building in UK, 2013

Mo Ibrahim Foundation is funding one MSc Scholarship in Governance and State-building to start in September 2013 at University of Birmingham, UK. Student must have a first class honors or equivalent degree. English proficiency is required. African nationals are eligible for this scholarship. Preference is given to nationals of sub-Saharan African countries. Applicants have an opportunity of a six-month internship at IDD and six months with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in London with a full scholarship.. The International Development Department is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to undertake the MSc in Governance and State-building, followed by a six-month internship at IDD and six months with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in London with a full scholarship. Applicants must have the equivalent of a first class UK bachelors degree and be African nationals domiciled (or permanent residents) in an African country. Preference will be given to scholarship candidates living in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Governance and…

Thanks to the scholarship program of the university I was able to realize this wonderful experience. The first days were difficult but I think it was part of my journey. I have new horizons, new ideas, new ways of seeing the world both personally and professionally. The financial support from the scholarship allowed me to cover my personal expenses and know a lot about the destination country. Having experienced a student exchange is one of the most incredible experiences I have had so far. Without a doubt if I have the opportunity again, I would live it again.

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2012 Daniel Schirra Memorial Scholarship at San Francisco State University, USA

The Daniel Schirra Memorial Scholarship is available to continuing SF State students on a competitive basis in recognition of success after redirection in paths chosen.The scholarship committee will review all completed applications received by the April 30th deadline. The student selected to receive the scholarship will be notified by June 30, 2012. Students not selected will be notified shortly thereafter 1. Continuing SF State undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at SF State with a full-time course load 2. Have financial need as determined by the SF State Office of Student Financial Aid 3. Student must be a US citizen 4. Minimum undergraduate SF State GPA of 3.0; graduate SF State GPA of 3.0 5. Enroll full-time – 12 units undergraduate and 8 units graduate – during the 2012-2013 academic year at SF State 6. Students must submit a copy of an unofficial transcript with the application 7….

The scholarship gave me the opportunity to study outside of my country and know how they see Peru abroad, at the same time that it enriched my academic knowledge and gave me the opportunity to exchange my culture with foreign friends. Without a doubt, a wonderful experience, which encourages me to continue studying and working to be an excellent professional and contribute to the change of my country.

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Woodrow Wilson International Center Pakistan Scholar Program in USA, 2014/15

Ph.D. But other professions have different terminal degrees; for journalists or business people, it could well be a B.A. In exceptional cases, the Wilson Center will waive the terminal degree requirement for highly qualified and unusually talented applicants. But under no circumstances will the Pakistan Scholar competition be open to anyone currently pursuing a graduate degree or working on a doctoral dissertation. · In addition, applicants must have at least eight years of professional or research experience. Preference will be given to applicants who have published scholarly books or substantial articles in academic or policy· related journals or newspapers. · Applicants must be completely fluent in both written and spoken English.Benefits of the scholarship:  The stipend provided to Pakistan Scholars is $5,000 per month. In addition, the Wilson Center will also pay a portion of health insurance premiums for the scholar, and provide assistance for travel from Pakistan. The scholars…

Studying in England is the best choice a student can take. It gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and it is a unique experience that only happens once in a lifetime

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Call for Proposals for VEF U.S. Faculty Scholar Program, 2014/15

The Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) is inviting applications for U.S. Faculty Scholar Program for academic year 2014/15. This Scholar Program is available for US faculty to teach courses in English at Vietnamese universities either on-site in Vietnam or by interactive, real-time video conferencing from the United States. Each proposal selected for funding will receive a grant from VEF that may not exceed U.S. $55,000. The application deadline is February 28, 2014.. The Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for its U.S. Faculty Scholar Program for Academic Year 2014-2015. The Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) was established by the U.S. Congress in December 2000 as an independent federal agency. VEF’s primary purpose is to promote the bilateral relationship between the United States and Vietnam through educational exchanges, both for Vietnamese nationals to pursue graduate and post-graduate studies in the United States in the sciences (natural, physical, and environmental), engineering, mathematics, medicine (including biomedical sciences…

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