mufulira school of nursing and midwifrey

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mufulira school of nursing and midwifrey

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Study in america and getting involved in the course of Environmental Science master has helped me to develop in my area of study for the reason that it has made possible me to appreciate a lot of work training, together with to feel countless scenarios that have developed me as a individual.

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Wellcome Trust People Awards and Society Awards in Biomedical Science in UK, 2013

of this scholarship are: The award is for pursuing in biomedical science and its social contexts. Who can apply to this scholarship? People Awards: The scheme is open to a wide range of people, including mediators and practitioners of science communication, science center/museum staff, artists, educators, health professionals and academics in bio science, social science, bioethics and history. · Organizations might include: museums and other cultural attractions, arts agencies, production companies, schools, local education authorities, universities and colleges, youth clubs, community groups, research institutes, the NHS; and science centers. · Partnership projects (between different people and organizations, e.g. scientists and ethicists, educators and artists) are welcomed. Applicants must be based in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, although other members of the project team can be based overseas. The proposal must be aiming to engage a UK and/or Republic of Ireland audience but the subject matter can…

I am incredibly pleased to have made a college scholarship with the university or college. They helped me get a great instructional college scholarship and through their Network I have learned a lot of new methods and creative ideas that have helped me develop individually and professionally.

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2014 Sustainable Water Management: Study Scholarships and Research Grants for Foreigners, Germany

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) offers Sustainable Water Management: Study Scholarships and Research Grants for Foreigners. Applications are open to specialised highly-qualified Graduates and Doctoral Students from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Iran, Jordan, Vietnam and Indonesia who have graduated from their studies in Engineering or Natural Sciences subjects no longer than six years ago. The scholarships are awarded for a period of 31 months for master programme and for a period of 43 months for doctoral programme. The application deadline is 31 October 2013.. One of the priority funding points to which the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) attaches particular importance in its Framework Programme on “Research for Sustainable Development is Sustainable Water Management (NaWaM): “One of the major challenges of the future is to ensure the supply of clean water to the world population. Population growth, water pollution and the increasing water consumption per capita have a strong impact on water…

I met a team of both new and experienced students in america. People who loved to support me. They even handled my trip to the university or college although I got a little out of time. I even have the mobile phone number of many staff members in america which I can contact in case I want to make a query or need some support.

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PhD Positions in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Netherlands & Germany

Noldus Information Technology is funding PhD research positions in computer vision and pattern recognition. The duration of PhD is three years which covers salary, and many additional benefits such as allowances for travel, mobility and education. Noldus Information Technology collaborates with the University of Tübingen (Germany) for this Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate research and training program.Fellows must have master’s degree in the field of computer science, biomedical engineering or electronic engineering. The PhD project is to be taken at Netherlands and Germany. Send application electronically.. Our company Noldus Information Technology is a leading developer of software and instrumentation for the study of human and animal behavior. We are specialists in behavioral observation, video analysis, computer vision, signal analysis, sensor fusion and pattern recognition. Our tools are used in psychology, neuroscience, human factors, consumer science and many other fields. Our clients include more than 6.500 universities, research institutes…

Studying in Belgium is the ideal decision a student could take. It gives you the capability to meet individuals from across the globe and it's also an exclusive practical experience that just takes place once in a lifetime.

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Fellowship Programme for European and North American Applicants in USA, 2014/15

Transatlantic Academy offers fellowships programme for European and North American applicants in USA. Fellowships are provided to examine the research theme, Religion and the Liberal Order. Applicants for senior fellowships must have a PhD and professional experience equivalent to that of an Associate Professor. Applicants who combine academic excellence with practical field or policy experience will have an advantage. Six fellowships are offered (three from Europe and three from North America).. The Transatlantic Academy is seeking candidates to serve as resident Fellows from September 2014-June 2015 to examine the research theme, Religion and the Liberal Order. A joint project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, and the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, the Transatlantic Academy is located at the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington DC. Each year, the Academy brings together scholars from Europe and North America to…

Studying in another country has helped me to visualize the society having a much greater and diverse standpoint. Moreover, it has helped me to increase my information about diverse nationalities and different languages. There's no question that studying in Brisbane is creating countless options for my potential future.

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University of Waikato Research Institute Scholarships for Master’s Students in New Zealand, 2013

childhood centres, kura and schools in New Zealand.) and Te Kotahi Research Institute and Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research (research into one of the following themes; Economic Development and Intergenerational Sustainability, Environmental and Iwi Wellbeing, Solving Complex Social Challenges, Language and Cultural Identity, Leadership, Kaitiakitanga, Rangatiratanga). Who can apply to this scholarship? Applicants must demonstrate alignment between their intended research and the Institute’s priority areas of research. For 2013 the ERI is seeking applicants intending to undertake environmental research across one of the four ERI themes: terrestrial ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems, coastal marine ecosystems, and Antarctic ecosystems. · Applicants must demonstrate alignment between their intended research and the Institute’s priority areas of research. For 2013 the IBR is seeking applicants intending to investigate the potential for the small business sector to contribute a sustainable increase to New Zealand’s national income. · Applicants must demonstrate alignment between their intended research and…

I always wished to study in america but something constantly took place and delayed for reasons unknown, whether it is financial, language, or anxiety about the unknown. As Soon As I found the college scholarship, I discovered the security and conviction that I was missing. The university or college staff suggested me to make my transition as simple as feasible. I am incredibly pleased to have reached certainly one of my ambitions.

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Air Force ROTC Scholarships for High School Seniors in USA, 2015

Applications are invited for Air Force scholarships available for high school senior students. There are three different types of scholarships: Type 1—Pays full college tuition, most fees and a book allowance; Type 2—Pays college tuition and most fees up to $18,000 and a book allowance; Type 7—Pays college tuition up to the equivalent of a public school’s in-state rate and a book allowance. All four-year scholarships activate in the fall of freshman year. All three-year scholarships activate in the fall of sophomore year. The only three-year type of scholarship offered is Type 2. All three-year scholarship designees must complete AFROTC training during their freshman year in order to retain eligibility to activate their scholarships at the start of their sophomore year.. Air Force ROTC scholarships cover your tuition and most lab fees. Also, you’ll receive an annual textbook allowance and up to a $500 spending cash monthly stipend. A variety…

My practical experience during my student exchange was unique. I learned and educated a lot and not just in college, people as well as the change of situation offers you an alternative standpoint . The link you create is probably the best investments in life. Thanks the college scholarship you could have this chance, aid and attention from the high school is comforting.

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EU Centre Visiting Fellowship in Singapore, 2015

European Union Centre is offering visiting fellowship tenable in the period between May to November 2015. Fellows will spend 4-6 weeks at the Centre for developing a research project on their own or in partnership with local researchers and contributing to the academic and outreach activities of the Centre. The Fellow would be expected to give one research seminar and a public lecture for the Centre. The application deadline is 28 February, 2015.. The European Union Centre in Singapore was established in mid-2008 with financial support from the European Union (EU). Its primary mission is to promote knowledge and understanding of the EU through support for EU-focused education, research and outreach activities. It is now a consortium of three local partners comprising the two largest public universities, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore and Singapore’s oldest think tank, the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. In the current period of our second Grant Agreement…

The favorable options are made only in the blink of an eye, due to the college scholarship, I can also say that it was the most effective experiences of life, I as a student assert that things are feasible as long as you make the effort, an action of determination will make distinction. Making my exchange to the country of Brisbane was and will be the most effective final decision. Not only do you know its wealth, modern society as well as the options it offers you to conduct business sooner or later, I'm also able to claim that I met my second family. You cannot find any far better creation, than an alliance of friendship that is not going to break.

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2013-2014 Tehran University of Medical Sciences International Scholarship, Iran

Room Technology, Practical Hematology, Radiology and Radiotherapy Technology 6. School of Public Health: Environmental Health Engineering, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Education and Promotion, Health Services, Management Sciences and Health Economics, Medical Entomology and Vector Control, Medical Parasitology and Mycology, Nutrition and Biochemistry, Occupational Health Engineering, Pathobiology 7. School of Nursing and Midwifery: Community Health Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Mother and Child Health, Nursing Management, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Reproductive Health 8. School of Rehabilitation: Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy Who can apply to this scholarship? · · For undergraduate level of studies: the applicant must have finished high school. · For graduate level of studies: the applicant must have obtained an undergraduate degree in the field related to her/his desired field of study. · Language Proficiency: language of instruction will be English. · The applicant needs to have proof of English language ability to write,…

This enhancing and wonderful experience has fascinated and heightened my community role in world. Studying this master at the university or college with a college scholarship has educated me that public service is a difficult task, has made possible me to develop the culture and customs of Brisbane, which in turn has made possible me to view the differences and similarities of these brother countries, the that has ratified me that the coexistence from the consensus as well as the difference, have to be expressed in liberty and shared respect. We are brother countries and we must advance together as citizens.

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Marine Scholarship for International Students in China, 2014

the allowance in full, and those after the 15th day of the month, in half. The allowance will extend half a month after the specified graduation date designated by the university. As for those who suspend, quit or complete their academic program and return to their own country, the allowance will stop from the next month. The allowance covers the holidays recognized by the university. Those who are away in the holidays and unable to get their allowance in time may receive their dues when return to the university. And as for those who are late for the registration or stay away from the school without any formality of asking for absence for a time longer than one month, the allowance for that month shall be cancelled. -Those who have to suspend their program because of pregnancy or severe disease must return to their own country for delivery or recovery,…

The knowledge lived in the first place is an grand adventure, a difficult task as well as an experience; as soon as I got on the airplane I met numerous of my buddies who were going to be my friends at the university or college, I met lots of people there, I learned from their customs, ways of behaving and dealing in numerous aspects both daily and university or college. From the Asian customs, I had friends from diverse parts of the society, Brazilians, Spanish, and others; The college scholarship was a great support promoting my home, studies and a complete goal; I thank the university or college for giving me this college scholarship that brought me many life experiences and knowledge that feed my professional potential future.

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2015 IDRC African Climate Change Fellowship Program (ACCFP), Africa

International Development Research Centre-Canada (IDRC) is offering African Climate Change Fellowship Program (ACCFP) for African graduate students, early to mid-career professionals and scientific researchers. ACCFP applications are particularly encouraged from women and traditionally under-represented regions and countries in Africa. There are two types of fellowships: up to 18 Adaptation Science Fellowships and up to 12 Adaptation Policy Fellowships are available. Fellowships awarded for 2015 will range from six to twelve months in duration with maximum award amounts from $2,000 – $14,000 USD, depending on Fellowship type. The application deadline is 30th January 2015.. Advancing climate change fellowship program (ACCFP) offers experiential learning, education, and research and training opportunities to African professionals, researchers and graduate students to build their capabilities for advancing and applying knowledge for climate change adaptation in Africa. ACCFP is jointly administered by the Institute of Resource Assessment (IRA) of the University of Dares Salaam and START International, Inc. (START).The ACCFP Secretariat, based at IRA, is…

Due to the college scholarship from the university or college, my life was marked by the most splendid experience I was able to have in my short Twenty-three years. Mexico offers its marvelous customs, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, food something diverse from ours, but incredibly nice. And among tacos, enchiladas and mariachis I recognized that Mexico embraces you with its people, customs, places and soon makes you feel like you are in your own residence. At the same time, I met students from many parts of the society with whom I shared a prosperous camaraderie that I hope will last as time passes, and what to say about the university or college, the most effective in South America.

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PhD Scholarships for Italian and International Students at Scuola Normale Superiore in Italy, 2015-2016

comprise three Nobel prize winners, Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Italian Republic and many successful scientists and professionals. The Academic Ranking of World Universities rates the school among the top five universities in the world, and the first in Europe according to the per capita performance. The mission of Scuola Normale is to select the best students and provide them with the most favorable conditions to develop their talents. They will join researchers and the Normale academic staff to form a community characterized by a constant exchange of ideas, skills, and expertise through an open dialogue both in Pisa and in Florence, the SNS headquarters. Students who choose to complete their education at the Scuola will find state-of-the-art facilities in the laboratories plus a unique combination of research groups, dedicated faculty, and one of the largest open-shelf libraries in Europe.. Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD research programme. The research…

Mobility programs are a very good tool to supply university students, beyond educative training, considerable experiences for our development and openness of consciousness. Venturing to alter the stability and comfort of our location of residence, and face scenarios that are not even pondered as possible, these programs manage to develop a level of maturity and success in each one of us. Thank you for giving me the chance of continuing my research with a college scholarship.

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Pre and Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Applicants at Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, 2014

Harvard Academy for International and Area studies offers pre and postdoctoral fellowships for international students. Applicants who are already enrolled in or who have recently completed a PhD or equivalent doctoral program in the social sciences are eligible for this fellowship. Predoctoral candidates must have finished all field research and be at the writing stage of their dissertation at the time of application. If they have completed a PhD program, the PhD completion date must be within three years of  the October 1 application deadline. Post Doctoral Academy Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $65,000 and predoctoral Academy Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $31,000.. The Academy Scholars Program identifies and supports outstanding scholars at the start of their careers whose work combines disciplinary excellence in the social sciences (including history and law) with a command of the language, history, or culture of non-Western countries or regions. Their…

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