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computer accesories companies in morocco mail

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Study in america and getting involved in the course of Environmental Science master has helped me to develop in my area of study for the reason that it has made possible me to appreciate a lot of work training, together with to feel countless scenarios that have developed me as a individual.

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PhD Positions in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Netherlands & Germany

Noldus Information Technology is funding PhD research positions in computer vision and pattern recognition. The duration of PhD is three years which covers salary, and many additional benefits such as allowances for travel, mobility and education. Noldus Information Technology collaborates with the University of Tübingen (Germany) for this Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate research and training program.Fellows must have master’s degree in the field of computer science, biomedical engineering or electronic engineering. The PhD project is to be taken at Netherlands and Germany. Send application electronically.. Our company Noldus Information Technology is a leading developer of software and instrumentation for the study of human and animal behavior. We are specialists in behavioral observation, video analysis, computer vision, signal analysis, sensor fusion and pattern recognition. Our tools are used in psychology, neuroscience, human factors, consumer science and many other fields. Our clients include more than 6.500 universities, research institutes…

I am incredibly pleased to have made a college scholarship with the university or college. They helped me get a great instructional college scholarship and through their Network I have learned a lot of new methods and creative ideas that have helped me develop individually and professionally.

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Fully Funded PhD Positions in Human-Computer Interaction at KU Leuven in Belgium

The HCI research group of the Department of Computer Science at KU Leuven in Belgium is inviting applications for two fully funded PhD positions in Human-Computer Interaction. The research will be carried out at the Department of Computer Science of KU Leuven. Applicants having a Master’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline or a PhD and Research level of study are eligible for these fully funded PhD positions. The deadline for submitting applications is 15 Oct. 2014.. KU Leuven offers numerous positions to young researchers, whether or not in combination with undertaking a PhD. Experienced and successful researchers get the opportunity after completing their PhD to explore their research in depth for a few years and to guide junior researchers. KU Leuven also offers more permanent positions. Besides the classic career with teaching and research assignments as a member of the Senior Academic Staff, we developed an alternative…

I met a team of both new and experienced students in america. People who loved to support me. They even handled my trip to the university or college although I got a little out of time. I even have the mobile phone number of many staff members in america which I can contact in case I want to make a query or need some support.

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PhD Full Scholarships in Computer Science and Information Systems in Thailand, 2014

National Institute of Development Administration is funding full PhD scholarships in Computer Science and Information Systems in Thailand. Thai and International applicants are eligible for this PhD scholarship. Applicants must hold degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields from a university or institution accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and English language proficiency is required.. Full Scholarships to study for Doctoral degree in Computer Science and Information Systems at the School of Applied Statistics, National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand. Applying now for the August Semester 2014.. This scholarship is for pursuing PhD program at National Institute of Development Administration in Thailand. The research areas of this scholarship are: Not providedWho can apply to this scholarship? 1. Qualifications of Applicants Major in Computer Science: Students hold degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields from a university or institution accredited by…

Studying in Belgium is the ideal decision a student could take. It gives you the capability to meet individuals from across the globe and it's also an exclusive practical experience that just takes place once in a lifetime.

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Generation Google Scholarship for Current High School Seniors and University Students, 2014/15

Google offers Generation Google Scholarship for currently enrolled high school senior, undergraduate or graduate students who intend to be enrolled in or accepted as a full-time student at a university in the US or Canada for the 2014-2015 school year. Scholarship is awarded in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or related program. Selected students will receive 10,000 USD (for those studying in the US) or 5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada). As part of the scholarship, current high school seniors who are entering their first year of university in 2014-2015 will be required to attend Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) in the summer of 2014.. At Google, we believe information should be universally accessible. Our education and scholarship programs aim to inspire and help students become future leaders in computing and technology by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from entering these fields. The Generation Google Scholarship was established to help…

Studying in another country has helped me to visualize the society having a much greater and diverse standpoint. Moreover, it has helped me to increase my information about diverse nationalities and different languages. There's no question that studying in Brisbane is creating countless options for my potential future.

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2013 Google-SVA Scholarship for Student Veterans in Computer Science in USA

Student Veterans of America & Google offers Graduate Scholarships in the field of Computer Science. The students of  USA can apply for this scholarship. Eight (8) Scholarships are offered. Total offer is of $10,000. Related technical fields may include:  Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering (with a heavy computer science course load), Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Applied Networking and System Administration.Related technical fields do not include: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.The mode of applying is online. The application deadline is 31st March 2013.. Student Veterans of America & Google have partnered to provide eight (8) $10,000 Graduate Scholarships to student veterans via SVA’s network! Eligible students must be pursuing a bachelor’s or graduate degree in Computer Science, or a closely related field. These student veterans have the potential to usher in a new generation of American progress and to address some of our nation’s most pressing needs. This partnership will support the tech-savvy professionals that are well equipped to answer the challenges of tomorrow. The…

I always wished to study in america but something constantly took place and delayed for reasons unknown, whether it is financial, language, or anxiety about the unknown. As Soon As I found the college scholarship, I discovered the security and conviction that I was missing. The university or college staff suggested me to make my transition as simple as feasible. I am incredibly pleased to have reached certainly one of my ambitions.

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Computer Science Bursaries for Maori and Pacific Students in New Zealand, 2014

University of Auckland is offering up to 20 computer science bursaries for Maori and Pacific Students. The bursaries will be awarded for full or part time enrollment in a degree programme at the university of Auckland and are enrolled in cOmpSci 101 (principles of programming) or a more advanced computer Science course. The bursaries will be paid in one lump sum. The value of the award is $200 for a student who achieves excellence and $100 for a student who achieves merit. The application deadline is 15th June 2014.. The Bursaries were established in 2010 and are funded by the Department of Computer Science. The main purpose of the Bursaries is to increase the number of Maori and Pacific students who are successful in the study of computer science, and who help others become successful..  Bursaries are available for full or part time enrollment in a degree programme at the university of Auckland and are enrolled in cOmpSci 101 (principles of programming) or a…

My practical experience during my student exchange was unique. I learned and educated a lot and not just in college, people as well as the change of situation offers you an alternative standpoint . The link you create is probably the best investments in life. Thanks the college scholarship you could have this chance, aid and attention from the high school is comforting.

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2012 PhD Positions in Computer Science or Computer Systems at Uppsala University, Sweden

The Department of Information Technology holds a leading position in research as well as teaching at all levels. The Departmenthas about 200 employees, including 80 senior faculty and 80 PhDstudents. More than 3000 students are enrolled in one or more coursesannually. More info: ProFuN project is examining techniques to develop a platformsuitable for programming future wireless sensor networks and tools foralgorithms for supporting such a platform and its demostratorapplications. ProFuN’s goal is to provide a programming environmentwhere networks of wireless sensors can be programmed as an ensemblerather than individually. ProFuN adopts a holistic approach to sensornetwork programming and aims to demonstrate that sensor networks canbe programmed and employed efficiently taking into account the severeconstraints that such devices typically have (e.g., being devices withvery limited power, frequently failing sensors, mobility, and harshsecurity threats). A successful candidate should have a Masterin Computer Science, Electrical or Computer Engineering orequivalent….

The favorable options are made only in the blink of an eye, due to the college scholarship, I can also say that it was the most effective experiences of life, I as a student assert that things are feasible as long as you make the effort, an action of determination will make distinction. Making my exchange to the country of Brisbane was and will be the most effective final decision. Not only do you know its wealth, modern society as well as the options it offers you to conduct business sooner or later, I'm also able to claim that I met my second family. You cannot find any far better creation, than an alliance of friendship that is not going to break.

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2014/15 Google SVA Scholarship in Computer Science, USA

Student Veterans of America and Google offer Computer Science Scholarship for the 2014/2015 academic semester. Scholarship is open to any and all student veterans pursuing computer science degrees or similar fields as a full-­time student at a university in the United States. Each award will be in the amount of $10,000. Scholarship recipients will also be invited to attend Google’s 2014 Summer Annual Scholars’ Retreat. The application deadline is December 2, 2013.. Student Veterans of America and Google are proud to announce the opening of this year’s Computer Science scholarship application. Each award will be in the amount of $10,000 and is open to any and all student veterans pursuing computer science degrees or similar fields, as noted below. Scholarship recipients will also be invited to attend Google’s 2014 Summer Annual Scholars’ Retreat. The Scholars’ Retreat provides an important networking opportunity for top students from all over the United States and Canada to meet with each other…

This enhancing and wonderful experience has fascinated and heightened my community role in world. Studying this master at the university or college with a college scholarship has educated me that public service is a difficult task, has made possible me to develop the culture and customs of Brisbane, which in turn has made possible me to view the differences and similarities of these brother countries, the that has ratified me that the coexistence from the consensus as well as the difference, have to be expressed in liberty and shared respect. We are brother countries and we must advance together as citizens.

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2014 LogiCS Doctoral Positions for International Students in Computer Science, Austria

Applications are invited for one or two doctoral positions in Computer Science for a period of 3 years. The funding can be extended for one additional year contingent on a placement at one of international partner institutions. Up to 30% of the positions are reserved for highly qualified female candidates. Candidates with comparable achievements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Citizens from all countries who have completed an excellent diploma or master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or a related field are eligible to apply.. LogiCS is a doctoral college focusing on logic and its applications in computer science. Successful applicants will work with and be supervised by leading researchers in the fields of computational logic, databases and knowledge representation, and computer-aided verification.. Positions are available for pursuing PhD research program three Austrian universities Vienna University of Technology, Graz University of Technology and Johannes Kepler University Linz.  The research areas of this scholarship are:  Positions are available in the…

The knowledge lived in the first place is an grand adventure, a difficult task as well as an experience; as soon as I got on the airplane I met numerous of my buddies who were going to be my friends at the university or college, I met lots of people there, I learned from their customs, ways of behaving and dealing in numerous aspects both daily and university or college. From the Asian customs, I had friends from diverse parts of the society, Brazilians, Spanish, and others; The college scholarship was a great support promoting my home, studies and a complete goal; I thank the university or college for giving me this college scholarship that brought me many life experiences and knowledge that feed my professional potential future.

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PhD Research Position in Computer Science, Computer Engineering at Birzeit University, 2012 Palestine

Within the framework of the SIERA project, an FP7 European project, Sina Institute For Knowledge and Arabic Technologies, at Birzeit University, is seeking two highly qualified candidates for the following PhD research position.Successful applicants will work full-time on SIERA Project, and will be selected to conduct PhD research in one of the project’s related research fields. Selected students will conduct their PhD at Sina Institute, and being officially registered in prestigious EU Universities (one of SIERA Project Partners, see the website). That is, PhD students will be co-supervised by both EU and Palestinian scientists, and their research topics will be the same or very close to their project duties. -Master Degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other related fields. -Advanced knowledge and practical skills in database, XML, and object-oriented, and web programming. Knowledge about ontology engineering, lexical semantics, Arabic language processing, data mining, and/or…

Due to the college scholarship from the university or college, my life was marked by the most splendid experience I was able to have in my short Twenty-three years. Mexico offers its marvelous customs, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, food something diverse from ours, but incredibly nice. And among tacos, enchiladas and mariachis I recognized that Mexico embraces you with its people, customs, places and soon makes you feel like you are in your own residence. At the same time, I met students from many parts of the society with whom I shared a prosperous camaraderie that I hope will last as time passes, and what to say about the university or college, the most effective in South America.

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2015 Swansea University Fully-funded PhD Studentship in Computer Science/Biosciences, UK

Swansea University is inviting applications for a fully-funded PhD studentship in the area of computer science/biosciences. This studentship is open to UK/EU students only who have at least an upper-second class honours degree or a master’s degree, in a relevant discipline. The studentship covers the full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus a tax-free stipend at RCUK levels (currently £13,863 per annum). The application deadline is 14 February 2015.. Human-computer interaction research has identified the benefits of combining physical materials with digital interactions creating “tangible interfaces”. To date, these interfaces generally have been made out of fixed-form materials: e.g., plastic blocks that can be stacked and manipulated to sort digital content. In contrast, this work will focus on shape changing materials. For example, experiments will be performed to explore how a tablet computer screen can deform from a flat surface to create a physical circular control.. Studentship…

Mobility programs are a very good tool to supply university students, beyond educative training, considerable experiences for our development and openness of consciousness. Venturing to alter the stability and comfort of our location of residence, and face scenarios that are not even pondered as possible, these programs manage to develop a level of maturity and success in each one of us. Thank you for giving me the chance of continuing my research with a college scholarship.

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PhD Studentship in Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University in UK, 2015

Applications are invited for a PhD Scholarship in Computer Science & Informatics. The successful candidate will be registered for a full-time 3 year PhD, commencing on 1st October 2015, in one of the School’s research areas: Distributed & Scientific Computing, Informatics, Visual Computing. Studentship open to all students of any nationality. The application deadline is 1 May 2015.. PhD Scholarship in Computer Science & InformaticsApplications are invited for a PhD Scholarship in Computer Science & Informatics. The successful candidate will be registered for a full-time 3 year PhD, commencing on 1st October 2015, in one of the School’s research areas: Distributed & Scientific Computing, Informatics and Visual Computing. The Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics is a research-led School in one of the UK’s premier universities with a leading, international reputation for excellent teaching and research activities.. Studentship is available for pursuing PhD degree level at Cardiff…

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