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IMPRS-gBGC PhD Program 2011, Germany

The “International Max Planck Research School for global Biogeochemical Cycles” located in Jena, Germany, offers fellowships to outstanding students interested in research on biogeochemical cycles in the Earth system. The school offers excellent research possibilities for students to obtain a PhD degree in a 3-years graduate program. The elements key to life such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen are continuously exchanged among the land, ocean and atmosphere in what are known as global biogeochemical cycles. Research in the IMPRS discovers how these cycles function, how they are interconnected, and how they can change with climate or human activity. Students can choose research that combines field observations, laboratory methods development, manipulative experiments, and numerical modelling to tackle current questions in global biogeochemistry. Students will also benefit from a three-month external research visit, specialised courses in e.g. statistics, Earth observation, modelling and analytical techniques, as well as in soft skills.