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IMMIT Masters Scholarships Program, 2012 Netherlands

The IMMIT Scholarship includes: •A partial tuition fee waiver between € 500 and € 2800 (EU or non-EU students) for the first year of the IMMIT programme, depending on financial capacity and academic excellence. •A partial tuition fee waiver of € 4098 for non-EU students for the second year of the IMMIT programme, which means that non-EU scholarship holders will pay a tuition fee of € 5872 for the second year of IMMIT.

•The IMMIT programme is open to students with a Bachelor’s or equivalent undergraduate degree (180 ECTS) either in Management/Economics/Business Administration or in Computer Science/Information System. Students with an engineering degree can be admitted if their previous education includes IT and information systems. •A satisfactory scholastic average, a minimum of 3.0 (B) grade-point average, in course work completed during the Bachelor’s degree.