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IDRC Doctoral Research Awards for Developing Countries and Canadians, 2012 Canada

These awards are intended for field research in one or more developing countries. Candidates must conduct their research in areas corresponding to IDRC’s research priorities and must ensure that their research project aligns with these priorities. n principle, IDRC supports research in all developing countries. At this time, however, we do not support awards that involve research in Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Eastern Europe, or Central Asia.

-be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or a citizen of a developing country -be enrolled at a Canadian university at the doctoral level -your research proposal must be approved by your thesis supervisor -your proposed field research must take place in one or more developing countries and be conducted for a doctoral dissertation -you must provide evidence of affiliation with an institution or organization in the developing-country region(s) in which the research will take place -you must have completed course work and passed comprehensive exams before taking up the award.