Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award 2011 for South African Students

The Award seeks to attract candidates of exceptional ability and “big ideas” in any discipline It is intended to enable scholars based in South Africa to undertake a programme of work for a period of up to one year, by making possible full-time concentration on the work, contact with outstanding peers (locally or in foreign countries) and adequate logistic resources Further, it aims to strengthen relationships and partnerships between local institutions, foreign institutions and the Trust and build research excellence while stimulating scholarship in academic life.

The Trust will consider candidates who: 1. are residents of South Africa (age is not a factor in selection) 2.are well established in their field 3. are leading scholars who have undertaken advanced research for many years (the Award is not for the purposes of studying towards a higher degree) 4. are outstanding achievers with a track record of sustained intellectual effort at the highest level 5. present submissions that describe a clearly focused and specific project 6.demonstrate a capacity and commitment to the transfer of skills and knowledge to fellow South Africans

Scholarship Deadline: 28th October 2011

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