Harry M. Daley Memorial Bursary of Credit Unions for Post-Secondary Education, 2012 Canada

The Credit Union Harry M. Daley Memorial Bursary was established in recognition of one of the founding fathers of the Credit Union movement in New Brunswick movement in New Brunswick (8) bursaries valued at $ bursaries valued at $1,000 1,000 each each wil will be l be awarded awarded in 20 in 20112112.Harry M. Daley Memorial Bursaries ($1000 each) are provided by the credit unions of New Brunswick. In 2011, 8 were awarded – 4 to credit union members, 4 to non-members. The award is administered by the NBTA Credit Union.

• Open to students pursuing their first year of post-secondary education at an accredited university or college in Canada. • Students must have lived in NB for at least one (1) year as of the application deadline. • 2 bursaries will be granted to each zone: 1 member/1 non-member for a total of eight.

Scholarship Deadline: April 20, 2012

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