Graduate Research Assistantship at Hallym University in Korea

Department of Chemistry, Hallym University is offering graduate research assistantship in Chuncheon, Korea. Applicant must be enrolled in PhD and MSc research program at Department of Chemistry, Hallym University. Assistantship will be awarded to cover tuition fees and part of living expenses.. One of our research goals is the solution-phase synthesis, characterization and application of a variety of anisotropic nano-hybrid materials. To secure these goals, we are focusing on the solution-based bottom-up approaches for developments of nanomaterials. We are using unique and efficient soft-templates to synthesize anisotropic nanomaterials and metal nanodots. Reaction kinetic manipulations enable morphology controls of single- and multicomponent nanocrystals and heteroepitaxial growth of core-shell nanostructures. We will also prepare hollow nanostructures through the controls of surfactants. We expect our endeavor will extend from the development of new synthetic methodologies to the controls of the size, shape, and composition of anisotropic nano materials for the biological and industrial applications.. This assistantship is for pursuing graduate (PhD and MSc) research at Hallym University, Chuncheon, Korea
The research areas of this scholarship are: Not provided
Who can apply to this scholarship? Inorganic Materials Lab of the Department of Chemistry, Hallym University seeks to recruit promising PhD and MSc research students.
Benefits of the scholarship: Tuition fees and part of living expenses will be covered.
More information about the fellowship:
Duration: Not Known
Number of scholarships: Not Known

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