Gladys M Brawn Senior Research Fellowship at the University of Newcastle, Australia 2011

The Faculty is seeking to enhance a new area of research strength involving interdisciplinary studies of physical activity, nutrition, education and health promotion strategies for chronic disease prevention. We are seeking a senior researcher with a proven track record in behavioural, social and environmental influences on nutrition and physical activity in relation to epidemiology of overweight and obesity and the development of obesity prevention strategies for children and adults.

Senior fellows must have the potential to significantly impact the research profile and output of the Faculty as evidence by several of the following: -Capacity to build and lead a research group. – Success in national and/or international competitive grant applications. – National and/or International profile in field of research as evidence by the most appropriate track record indicators for the field. -Capacity to integrate and collaborate with other researchers. -Success in research training as evidence by post-graduate student output.

Scholarship Deadline: 3 rd October 2011

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