Fully Funded PhD at Institut Jean Lamour – Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France

The work will consist of modeling of (1) the multiphase flow: this involves the dynamics of free-floating solid grains, phenomena of grain sedimentation and packing, and flow through the porous packed layer; (2) the formation of microporosities: the phenomena involved are the transport of dissolved hydrogen, pressure relations and the nucleation of gaseous bubbles. The project will tightly interact with a parallel PhD project investigating detailed microscopic aspects of grain growth. This final objective is to predict the distribution of grain structure and microporosity in the casting. The model developments will be integrated into the existing framework of SOLID. They will be studied and validated by comparison to experimental analyses performed with the industrial partner Constellium CRV. The thesis is a part of the project Principia (see below) and will interact with the other project partners. Biannual meetings of all partners will take place.

Master’s degree in materials science, mechanical engineering, or physics • Good notions of heat & mass transfer, fluid dynamics, numerical methods • Proficiency in computer programming (Fortran 90) • Interest in numerical modeling, experience with the finite volume method appreciated

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