Full Tuition Executive MBA Scholarship at Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, 2019

­ Education.se and the Stockholm School of Economics is currently accepting applications from individuals to study Executive MBA at the business school in Stockholm. This scholarship is based on cooperation between Dagens Industri, utbildning.se and Stockholm School of Economics.

The SSE MBA Executive Format gives you an opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills in managing and developing companies and organizations.

Stockholm School of Economics is one of Europe’s leading business schools, with a unique business-community network. Our research is internationally recognized and many of our researchers are among the leading figures in their respective fields.

Eligible Countries: This scholarship is available to international students.

Entrance Requirements: To be eligible for the scholarship it is required that you have a degree equivalent to 180 credits and at least five years of relevant work experience.

English Language Requirements: Applicants must have very good English skills.

Application process: 12 to 15 of the applicants are asked to provide a full application, and 5 to 7 finalists are interviewed and presented to the jury, consisting of representatives from Dagens Industri, utbildning.se and Stockholm School of Economics. The jury selects the recipient of the scholarship.

How to apply this scholarship?:

 The application is made online; click the Apply here-button to be taken to the application form.

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