FSI Stanford Fellowships in Medical Informatics at Stanford University 2012, USA

Postdoctoral trainees are offered an opportunity to combine formal training in Medical Informatics with research applying Medical Informatics to areas of relevance to the VA health care system such as decision support systems technologies. Fellows will: Acquire skills in state-of-the-art Medical Informatics; Gain insight into major current issues in Medical Informatics that are relevant to VA clinical, educational, and research programs; Develop expertise in conducting collaborative and interdisciplinary Medical Informatics research;  Acquire further training in such areas as medical decision- making, information technologies, communications tasks of medical practice, and information systems through seminars and formal coursework.

-Have completed a Ph.D. in computer sciences, medical informatics, decision sciences, economics, or related fields. -Applicants with strong quantitative and computer science backgrounds will be given priority. -The VA is an equal opportunity employer. -Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Deadline: January 1, 2012

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