Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows Program for International Applicants, 2016

Applications are invited for Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows Program available from worldwide applicants to spend ten months at host organization. The fellows embedded at host organizations will work on salient issues like privacy, access and online rights.

The Open Web Fellows program -a collaboration between Ford Foundation and Mozilla – is an international leadership initiative that brings together technology talent and civil society organizations to advance and protect the open Web.

Specifically, the goals of the program are to increase public awareness and understanding of internet policy issues, support career paths in the internet policy and advocacy sector and celebrate and support the vibrant network of internet advocacy organizations.

College Admission Requirement:

Entrance Requirement: Applicants can be at any stage in their career, provided they are open to learning.


Fellows from around the world are eligible for these Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowships.

Where this scholarship can be taken?:

Canada, Chile, Kenya, the European Union, and United States of America

What is the study subject?:

The Fellows embedded at these organizations will work on salient issues like privacy, access, and online rights. And this Fellowship program offers unique opportunities to learn, innovate, and gain credentials in a supportive environment while working to protect the open Web.

The necessary course level:

It is a ten month fellowship program.

How much is the scholarship award?:

The fellowship offers a grant of USD$60,000 paid in 10 monthly installments. Fellows are not employees of Mozilla or host organizations, and are responsible for remitting all applicable taxes and other government payments required.

Criteria to be eligible:

Broadly speaking, Ford Foundation and Mozilla are looking for makers – those who see a problem in the world and can solve it through technology or media. The right candidate may bring specialities in design, development, storytelling, research and policy analysis, and should be comfortable performing as a technologist, a tinkerer, and a curious contributor to the fellowship program. Applicant do not need to have previous experience with Internet advocacy, policy or activism. A lot of campaign design, community organizing, education, and coalition building happen through teamwork and skills like data visualization and participatory learning. Applicant can be at any stage in their career, provided they are open to learning.

How to apply this scholarship?:

Apply online, using the online application mode.

Find the application form in: View form

Scholarship Deadline: The deadline for application is March 20, 2016.

More info: View info

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