Entente Cordiale Scholarships for UK and France, 2012-2013

The Entente Cordiale Scholarships are prestigious awards that fund French postgraduate students who wish to study in the UK, and British students who wish to study in France. The scheme provides a total of 20 scholarships each year. We are committed to a policy of Equal Opportunities and Diversity and welcome applications from ambitious, high-achieving students of all backgrounds and disciplines who meet the selection criteria and feel they can make a meaningful contribution towards the Franco-British relationship.

-As the scheme is Franco-British you’ll be expected to be of French nationality OR (if you do not have French nationality) to have completed your higher education in France from baccalaur√©at level to bac+3 – You must have good English language skills (most UK Higher Education institutions require a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 for admission onto postgraduate courses) – You must be intending to undertake one year of study or research in the UK that will not contribute to a French doctorate (co-tutelle) -You will need an excellent track record illustrating your achievements, both academically and otherwise, and evidence that you will become a leader in your chosen field As the scheme is aimed at young professionals at the beginning of their career, you must not be over 35 years old when you apply

Scholarship Deadline: 27 April 2012

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