EIFI Grants for Students as Young Learners and Young Innovators, India

Young Learners (11-14 years) Individual projects will receive INR 11,000 while the group projects will get INR 20,000. Twenty grants will be given in this category.

Individual projects should be innovative and practical ideas that help address the basic issues in Indian education and make the education system more responsive, interesting and relevant. You can take up any or all of the issues listed below or anything else that comes to your mind:

* Lack of amenities – no drinking water, no proper school building, and inadequate teaching-learning infrastructure * Shortage of qualified, well-trained teachers * A rigid, information dominant syllabus * Little or no scope for creativity, innovation and exploration * Need for a more practical approach and relating school education to life * Exam stress * Assessment systems that are more effective than the existing ones that are largely information and exam based

Group projects can involve idea and development of any original, enjoyable and interesting educational game for children, which is learning or teaching centred. The educational game can be on the following topics:

* Any school subject * Brain development: memory, concentration, creativity, analytical skills * Value education: courage, trust, integrity, truthfulness, patience and empathy

The game can be made in any form: board game, online game, outdoor game or some sports equipment to play the game.

Young Innovators (15-17 years) Both individual and group projects will receive up to ?1 lakh and twenty grants will be awarded in this category.

Individual project should be an innovative idea for an educational application program for mobile phones or computers. Examples of applications include word processors, database programs, web browsers, development tools, drawing, painting, image editing programs, and communication programs.

Group project should include the idea, design and development for a website related to innovation in education. The website should be created, handled and maintained by the applicants.

* Only bona-fide applications from school/colleges will be considered. Individual applications from students will not be considered. * Only two proposals can be submitted per school/junior college. * If applying for a group project, the number of team members cannot exceed five. * The applicant(s) must be citizen(s) of India and must reside in the country during the period of the grant. * Work should be original or the origin of the idea should be clearly mentioned in the application. Copied proposals will be rejected and risk the rejection of all similar proposals. An undertaking must be given by the applicant certifying that the proposal/work is original. The Principal/Head of the institution must also certify the same.

* While adult assistance may be reasonably given to young applicants, school authorities and parents should take care that the work is original and by the student(s).

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