Doctoral Thesis Research Positions at Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology in Germany

The Nanotechnology Research Group at the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology Germany offers 2 Doctoral Thesis Research Positions (PhD Positions). Duration of position is of three years which covers with 50 per cent of the personal requirements with pay grade E. Disabled and women applicants are eligible for this PhD research position. Applicant must have a Master / Diploma in chemistry, physics, materials science, electrical engineering or a neighbouring compartment. E-mail your application by 30th November 2013.. The project, funded by the DFG project deals with the Investigating a novel method localized material deposition from the gas phase. In contrast to traditional methods, a vacuum deposition method is directed to be examined, which supports a spatially resolved attachment of primary particles, at elevated pressure and allows material throughput and dynamic adjustment of the resulting nanostructures. In the dynamic adjustment will be examined first and shown that an ortaufgelöstes adjusting the 3D structure in a first material composition and in a second step, is also possible. The ergründenden to physical laws are based on the interaction between gas ions, charged nanoparticles and a programmable substrate.The project includes aspects of aerosol science, plasma physics, and gas-discharge processes. Recognizes its structure consists of (i) a source module (material synthesis, nanoparticle source, gas ion source) and (ii) a material separation module (deposition chamber including programmable substrate). Please indicate in your application out if you have knowledge in the production or the localized deposition of nanoparticles or nanostructures. The long-term goal is the realization of a scalable deposition process, which should make it possible to produce novel nanostructured materials on a surface. During the term of the candidate should demonstrate the applicability of the method. Potential areas of application are in the areas of nanostructured absorber materials, 3D electrode structures, super-capacitors and sensors. Please indicate in your application out if you have experience in one of these application areas. Imenau University of Technology has been awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY-predicate. It strongly encourages women to apply. Disabled have priority in hiring with equal qualifications, competence and professional qualifications.. This position is for pursuing research/ Assistant / Associate level at Ilmenau University in Germany.
The research areas of this scholarship are: Not provided
Who can apply to this scholarship?
· Assumes a university degree (Master / Diploma) in chemistry, physics, materials science, electrical engineering or a neighbouring compartment.
· Experience in the following areas is desirable: semiconductor technology, aerosol science, plasma physics, gas
· discharge processes, applications of 3D nanostructured surfaces. Experimental skills, innovative features, flowing design of prototypes and mechanical constructions are expected to a large extent on the candidate. Qualification / pre
· selection: Applicants may differ in by briefly (no more than one page) describing what you mean by the project. What technological approaches and methods are meant? Without such a description made by you, your qualifications and your interest can only be rated inadequate.
Benefits of the scholarship: In the first year of employment with 50 percent of the personal requirements with pay grade E is The emoluments according to the provisions of the collective agreements in the public service of the Länder (TV-L, TVÜ countries) 13.
More information about the fellowship:
Duration: Duration is of 3 years.
Number of scholarships: Not provided

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