Department of Biology “Wild Rice Wetland” Graduate Bursary at Lakehead Universit, Canada

A program of graduate study leading to the M.Sc. degree is offered in the Department of Biology within the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies. The interests of the full-time faculty (12) and adjunct staff members (10) focus on Boreal, Terrestrial and Aquatic Biology. The Department can normally accommodate about 20 students. Facilities are available for field and/or laboratory research in the areas of basic and applied plant/animal ecology and physiology, as well as tree growth and genetics.

Recipient must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant of Canada and must have lived in Ontario for at least twelve months in a row -Be a full-time student in the Biology graduate program -Student must be conducting research involving wetlands/wild rice

Scholarship Deadline: 29 February 2012

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