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Dance and Choreography Scholarships from the Pina Bausch Foundation

The Pina Bausch Foundation scholarships for choreographer and dancershave opened this year's call.

They are sponsored by the North Rhine-Westphalia Arts Foundation and the Pina Bausch Foundation.

These aids are intended to carry out various types of activities. One of these is a temporary residence in renowned institutions of dance and choreography abroad.

Another possibility is unpaid participation in a set or group with a choreographer in the country of origin or abroad.

Finally, studies of dance techniques with recognized personalities in the local country or abroad.

About pina bausch scholarships

This opportunity encourages talented people to develop their own artistic expressions.

Pina Bausch scholarships do not fund projects; nor is it intended for the development of new parts. On the contrary, the idea is to look at another person's or institution's work with whom everyone would like to cooperate and apply, to create a joint work.

In principle, they may be collaborators: choreographers, institutions and personalities who work, in one way or another, in the formation of dance or choreographic.

To apply, a (Germany) will be held from 16 to 20 January 2019. After the end of the year of the fraternity, they will present their results with a conference in the same place, in January 2020.

Scholarship benefits

The duration of a scholarship covers a continuous period of a minimum of three months and no more than six months.

Includes a monthly allowance of 2,500 euros and one-time travel expenses.

Up to four scholarships are awarded each year.

These are the requirements to apply for

Each prospective participant should contact the person. In addition, the organizers of the scholarship have established one all over the world. No limitations have been established for issues of sex, age, or race.

However, dancers are required to:

  • University and/or academic degree in dance. In addition, professional experience of two (2) years with a recognized set is requested.

For choreographers:

  • The independent creation of at least one production made public in the last three (3) years.

On the other hand, knowledge of the English language is requested.