Croucher Senior Research Fellowships at Universities in Hong Kong, 2012

Universities are invited to present applications in an annual competitive exercise to the Croucher Foundation Limited (“the Foundation”) under this Senior Research Fellowship scheme towards a deadline of 30th April of the year, or the next working day if 30th April is over a weekend. The awards are on the following terms ?The selected fellow’s employing institution will be reimbursed up to a certain limit for the actual salary costs of a younger academic (say up to 35 years of age) employed to take over the fellow’s duties for the period of the fellowship; ?The research during fellowship should normally be conducted at the applicant’s own university but may be exceptionally done at another university in Hong Kong; fellows who wish to hold the fellowship outside Hong Kong must explicitly make a special case at the time of application, but even in the event of the award of the fellowship, the Foundation will not be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of the fellowship being held outside of Hong Kong;

The fellowship applicants should be members of staff who are in a position to provide needed expertise, inspiration and leadership in research in their departments/centres in the university, and ready and capable of undertaking collaborative research with other colleagues.

Scholarship Deadline: By 30th April

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