Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowships in Medicine and Dentistry at Universities in Hong Kong, 2012

The applicant should clearly specify at the time of making the application the proposed length of the Senior Medical Research Fellowship, which may be six months OR one year. Regardless of the length of the fellowship, however, the Foundation’s reimbursement to the fellow’s employing institution will not exceed the equivalent of six months’ salary and a cash allowance of the type paid by the Hospital Authority to clinical medical staff payable to the replacement for the candidate selected for the award, subject to a limit to be prescribed by the Foundation, which currently stands at HK$154,000 per month, or HK$984,000 (individual award of HK$60,000 included) for the salary budget of the entire award. The Foundation may occasionally give approval to employ more than one replacement within the limit of the budget.

The fellowship applicants should be members of staff employed formally on clinical teachers’ terms who are in a position to provide needed expertise, inspiration and leadership in research in their departments/centres in the university, and ready and capable of undertaking collaborative research with other colleagues.

Scholarship Deadline: 30th April

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