Croucher Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research Applicants of Hong Kong, 2014

The Croucher Foundation is funding postdoctoral research fellowship in natural science, technology and medicine for applicants of Hong Kong in approved academic institutions outside Hong Kong. The length of fellowship is of two years and funding includes annual maintenance allowance with assistance towards airfare, partial research amount, grant for books and clothing and spouse and child allowances. Application must be submitted by 15th November 2013.. The Croucher Foundation is a private endowment set up in 1979 and permanently domiciled in Hong Kong, with the objective of promoting excellence in natural science, technology and medicine in Hong Kong. One of the Foundation’s regular funding initiatives is to provide financial support for promising young people in Hong Kong to pursue scientific research at postdoctoral and doctoral levels. The awards offered by the Croucher Foundation Limited (“the Foundation”) are intended to enable applicants who are permanent residents of Hong Kong to devote themselves to a period of full-time research in natural science, medicine or technology in approved academic institutions outside Hong Kong.. Fellowships are available for pursuing postdoctoral research program in approved academic institutions outside Hong Kong.
The research areas of this scholarship are: Fellowships are awarded in natural science, medicine or technology in approved academic institutions outside Hong Kong.
Who can apply to this scholarship?
· These are educational awards for graduates who obtained their doctoral degrees after September 2012, and not primarily meant as grants for enabling a university or institution to employ research personnel for research projects.
· Some Fellowships are also available for fully qualified medical doctors who wish to pursue research under a specialty.
· Applicants who propose to continue their postdoctoral research in the same institution where they do their doctoral degrees will normally not be favored.
· Applicants who are already receiving full financial support from their proposed host institutions/supervisors need not apply.
Benefits of the scholarship: A Fellowship comprises an annual maintenance allowance with assistance towards airfare. Assistance towards airfare to return to Hong Kong not claimed within a period of twelve months from the expiry date of the Fellowship award shall be automatically forfeited. Fellows who terminate their awards before the expiry date are not entitled to such assistance. The Foundation also offers a partial research contribution to a Fellow’s host institution as a token of appreciation. The amount to be approved by the Foundation is normally based on an estimate provided by an authorized person of the host institution. A one-off grant for books and clothing will be given during the first year of tenure. -Spouse and child allowances: As an ex gratia benefit but not as part of the scholastic award, married Fellows will be offered a spouse allowance and airfare for the spouse, but only if he or she is dependent and accompanying the holder throughout the period of the award. In addition, a child allowance will be provided but only if the child is residing with the candidate during the entire period of the award. Successful applicants on any form of paid leave during the tenure of the award are not entitled to any maintenance or family allowances. To become eligible for this benefit, recipients are requested to sign a Declaration, and legally bound to report to the Foundation in the event of change of circumstances which have a bearing on the terms of the award. The Foundation reserves the right to request return of the allowance awarded, and in serious instances may take other appropriate action against a recipient who fails to comply with the terms of the declaration.
More information about the fellowship:
Duration: The length of the award will be explicitly stated in the grant letter when the offer is made. If the award is for more than one year, the candidate will in the first instance be “on probation” for one year, and the award for the remaining period is entirely at the Foundation’s discretion subject to confirmation upon evidence of satisfactory progress in the first year. The maximum period for a Fellowship is two years.
Number of scholarships: Not Known

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