Copernicus Center Scholarship for PhD Research, Poland 2012

The Copernicus Center offers two scholarships. The candidates should either already be PhD students (for no longer than 2 years before the deadline of the contest) or should begin PhD studies (alternately obtain the status of a visiting graduate student) before the start of the scholarship. The place of the PhD studies can be negotiated with the Copernicus Center, preferably at one of the Institutes with which the members of the group are affiliated. The scholarship in the amount of $1000 (gross amount before deductions which include: taxation, social security and health insurance; the scholarship will be converted to PLN using current exchange rate) is awarded for 18 months (proposed starting date October 2012).

Eligibility: individuals who hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in the fields of: physics, cosmology, astronomy, mathematics, philosophy of science, history of science (adequate to the proposed research project) and are fluent in English.

Scholarship Deadline: May 15, 2012

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