China/Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Scholarship, China 2012

China/Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) scholarship program is a full scholarship provided for PIF member countries by the Ministry of Education of P. R. China (hereinafter referred to as MOE). MOE entrusts China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) to manage the recruitment and carry out the routine management of this scholarship programChinese HEIs use Chinese as their official instruction language for the undergraduate education, Certain Chinese HEIs could conduct part of the postgraduate programs and non-degree courses for general and senior scholars in English. Applicants with no command of Chinese are generally required to take one to two years’ Chinese language course (for undergraduates program applicants, one to two years’ college preparatory courses) prior to the academic study. Only by passing the examinations after the above courses, could they start their academic studies. For those who need to take the Chinese language courses or college preparatory courses, the scholarship duration will be extended automatically.

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens from PIF member countries and be in good health. 2. Education background and age limit: – Applicants for undergraduate studies must have senior high school diploma with good grade and be under the age of 25. – Applicants for master’s degree studies must have bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35. – Applicants for Doctoral degree studies must have master’s degree and be under the age of 40. – Applicants for Chinese training program must have senior high school diploma and be under the age of 35, Chinese language is the only subject available. – Applicants for general scholar candidates must have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies and be under the age of 45. – Applicants for senior scholar candidates must have master’s degree or above, or hold academic titles of associate professor or above, and be under the age of 50.

Scholarship Deadline: April 30th 2012

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