Chaires Blaise Pascal International Research, France

The State and the Ile-de-France Region are establishing new International Research Chairs to accommodate highly qualified, internationally acclaimed, foreign research scientists in all scientific fields : exact sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences, applied sciences and new technologies.

Each Chair allows the foreign scientist to be hosted for 12 full months, possibly spread over 2 years, in one or more well-known Higher Learning or Research Institutions in Paris/Ile-de-France that are focused on a particular scientific project and are able to provide the suitable environment, equipment and means required.

The global financial amount attributed to each project can go up to 200 000 € which includes among other things, salaries, social charges, taxes, accompanying expenses. The candidates are required to give about ten lectures (pedagogical program to be joined), will have to deliver an activity report and to organise a public seminar at the end of the period.

Contrary to our wishes and expectations, we receive too little female candidates. It is recalled the applications by female candidates are highly encouraged.

Scholarship Deadline: 10 January 2010

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