CERN-Japan Fellowship Programme 2011 for Young Researchers, Japan

The CERN-Japan Fellowship programme is for young researchers of Japanese nationality or permanent residence status of Japan who want to work primarily in LHC data analysis and physics studies. Applicants wishing to work on related subjects such as LHC phenomenology or accelerator physics could also be considered. In view of Japan’s commitment to the ATLAS experiment, candidates are asked at the time of application if they intend to work with the ATLAS collaboration. The appointments can be renewed for a total of up to three years, subject to satisfactory performance.

Nationality: Applicants should be nationals or permanent residents of Japan. You have a doctorate for applicants in experimental or phenomenological physics and/or accelerator science. Candidates who are currently preparing a PhD are eligible to apply. However, they are expected to have obtained their PhD by the time they take up their appointment at CERN. You have no more than 10 years relevant experience after your Masters diploma (or equivalent) at the time of the Selection committee meeting.

Scholarship Deadline: 01/12/2011

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