Carl and Emily Fuchs Doctoral Scholarships in South Africa, 2015

Only South African citizens may apply for the scholarships. Each scholarship is awarded for a period of 2 years, of which the second round is payable subject to satisfactory academic performance (based on the submission of a progress report and as motivated/substantiated by the Promoter of the student).

The foundation is providing R100 000 per annum for each of the two scholarships. Applications should be submitted by mail or the application can be scanned and e-mailed. Application forms are annually distributed to the various Deans of Faculties at local Higher Education institutions and in addition, they are also available from local universities’ Post-graduate Student Aid/Financial Assistance/Bursary/Scholarship Offices. The correctly and comprehensively completed application form should be accompanied by a photograph, a formal academic record of all previous studies, two confidential (separately sealed) referee reports, confirmation of acceptance for the Doctoral study/program and an Executive Summary of the proposed research project/study.

 The application deadline is 2 October 2015. The Carl and Emily Fuchs Doctoral Scholarships are available to post-graduate students who have already, or intend to register for Doctoral studies at a local South African university/university of technology. The two scholarships are awarded bi-annually, in any academic field of study/Doctoral program formally registered with a South African university/university of technology. The Foundation annually invites applications from the various Faculties at all local Higher Education institutions and the scholarships are then awarded for studies in the following/ensuing academic year. The foundation is providing two scholarships. Apply for top 2015 scholarships and financial aid positions before application deadlines.

Scholarship Deadline:  The application deadline is 2 October 2015.

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