Career Aid for Technical Students for Accredited Vocational or Technical Program, USA 2012

S ince 2002, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has underwritten a special program to assist New Hampshire students who are interested in a vocational or technical career. The Foundation will provide support to students who need additional training beyond high school to realize their goals.The Career Aid for Technical Students (CATS) program is designed to help students who enroll in any accredited vocational or technical program that does NOT lead to a four-year Baccalaureate degree. Candidates may be entering two- or three-year degree programs or other, shorter-term technical training programs that lead to an associate degree, a trade license or certification. For example, a candidate might be planning to attend a community college, vocational/technical school, trade school, or other short-term training program such as a tractor-trailer school or LNA training.

-Be a legal New Hampshire resident. Be a dependent student (under age 24). -Have a high school diploma or GED. -Plan to enroll for at least a half-time course load at an accredited school or program. -Apply for federal financial aid (when available). -Demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship Deadline: June 1, 2012

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