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Call for Research Proposals in Tuberculosis, 2012 India

The Department of Biotechnology invites R & D proposals in the area of tuberculosis with well-defined immediate, intermediate and long-term goals covering: 1. New antigen discovery for diagnostics and vaccines 2. Investigating immune parameters to be used as correlates of early diagnosis and of protection 3. Unravelling Host-Pathogen Interactions at the Molecular and Cellular Levels’. 4. Cloning, expression and purification of existing and new antigens of high purity for TB diagnostic assays (serological and cell based assays) 5. Development of suitable assay systems for animal and human studies/protection studies 6. Development of knock outs/mutants experimental models 7. Testing of the existing and new vaccine candidates in suitable animal models 8. Development of newer adjuvant.

-Scientists working in the Universities, National Laboratories & Non-Profit Organizations with sound scientific background. -The applicants are suggested to form co-ordinated groups with diverse background & disciplines so as to investigate an identified problem in a holistic manner. -Private organization may apply under PPP schemes of the DBT with broad heading of Tuberculosis Research.