Call for Proposal: Strategic Japanese-Thailand Cooperative Research Program in Biotechnology, 2012

The aim of the program is to strengthen the collaboration between Japan and Thailand within the field of Biotechnology to achieve world-class scientific results, leading towards new innovative technologies. In the current call for proposals, the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), one of NSTDA’s centers, will implement this scheme on behalf of NSTDA. Priority would be given to the following research areas within Biotechnology:

-JST and BIOTEC shall invite Japanese and Thai researchers to submit proposals for cooperative research projects in the research areas described above. -All applicants must fulfill national eligibility rules for research grant application. -An important criterion of the proposed collaboration is that it should build on and reinforce already on-going research activities in each research group and contribute significant added value to these. -Researchers from the industry may participate in the joint collaboration.

Scholarship Deadline: By April18th, 2012

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