Call for Applicants for 27th Cycle for PhD Positions at University of Turin, Italy

The University of Torino organizes doctoral programs in various disciplines in collaboration with other Institutions. Programs are organised on a yearly basis by each PhD School depending on fundings available. The doctoral program lasts three or four years and can be partially followed at a university other than the University of Torino with the authorization of the Teaching Committee of the PhD School. Most of the courses are in Italian, unless otherwise specified. The academic year usually begins on 1st January and terminates on 31st December of the following calendar year. Admission depends on the positive outcome of a competitive public examination and PhD students may be granted a scholarship or admitted to the PhD without financial supports. Doctoral grants are announced annually and applications are assessed on the basis of documents presented, for applicants resident outside Italy and on the basis of the examinations results for all the others. Each PhD School, in fact, can reserve some positions for students resident abroad, who can be admitted on the basis of their background and qualifications, without undertaking the written and oral examinations to which Italian applicants are subject.

-Italian and foreign candidates holding a university degree are elegible to participate in the competitive public examination for admission to Research Doctorates, without limits of age or citizenship. -The examination consists of one written and one oral examination, for applicants resident in Italy and evaluation of academic titles, for foreign students who apply for reserved positions. -Applications will also be accepted from candidates who are not in possession of a degree at the time of application, on condition that they will graduate by the date of the written examination or for the selection by titles an qualifications. In such cases, admission will be confirmed once the degree has been awarded.

Scholarship Deadline: 28th July 2011

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