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7 FP Marie Curie Fellowships for Postdoctoral Applicants 2012, Spain

The research group Analysis and Advanced Materials for Structural Design is a research group that responds to the demand of the industrial sector in three particular areas: • Innovation (new designs, new materials, new design tools), • Product improvement, • Analysis of in-service behavior. From AMADE we support the R+D activities of companies. Market demands and incentives from the Public Administration motivate companies develop R+D projects. Often, however, they do so without sufficiently specialized staff and without the specific equipment needed to do it, especially in small and medium-sized companies.

For Project 1: Physicists or engineers specialized in composite materials and computational models to simulate the mechanical behavior of composite structures. For Project 1: Physicists or engineers specialized in materials or engineers specialized in steel structures, ultimate behavior  of structures or earthquake engineering. For Project 1: Engineers specialized in modelling of reinforced  concrete structures.